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Automatic Timing & Controls
About Automatic Timing & Control

FLW, Inc is a factory authorized distributor for ATC. These products are stocked for Rapid Delivery by FLW, Inc and we provide application assistance toll free at (800) 576 - 6308.

Automatic Timing and Controls is a manufacturer of industrial timers, industrial relays, industrial electronic controllers, sensors, indicating and tower lights, counters, and devices for instrumentation and control of automated machinery.

For over 80 years, process engineers and machine designers have turned to Automatic Timing & Controls first for reliable control products. These high-performance products are engineered to provide accurate and repeatable operation in all types of industrial environments. Automatic Timing & Controls products play an integral part in countless industries; including food processing, plastics, packaging, water treatment and many OEM applications. The ATC product family has expanded to include 1/16 DIN timers, panel-mounted timers, electromechanical timers, counters, solid state cube and plug-in timers, photoelectric laser sensors, and time delay relays (TDR).

Our Products
Mechanical Timers
Easily the most rugged and dependable of industrial percentage timers, the ATC 304 ...
Digital Timers
The ATC Model 655 timer is an electronic control that will retrofit most round case .....
1/16 DIN
The ATC 312A is a remote dial multi-range solid-state TDR with plug-in base...
ATC Counters
The solid-state 354B is manufactured from a series of computer-tested plug-in ....
ATC Sensors
The 7708 M18 Laser Sensor provides a method for photoelectric detection of small ...
ATC Digitec
The Digitec D3870 provides fast, accurate measurements even with very low frequent ...