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Cam Timers
Model : 324C Cam Timer—Precision Switch Cam Programmer
A compact and economical motor-driven cam timer, the ATC 324C precisely controls one to twelve load circuits through easily-set screwdriver-adjustable cams. Each timer provides a wide range of cycle times through a set of interchangeable gears. The 324Ccan also be used without a motor as a rotary cam limit switch with bi-directional switches.
324C Cam Timer—Precision Switch Cam Programmer
  • CSA and UL Recognized
  • Easy and precise Cam adjustment
  • One to twelve precision switches. Each SPDT precision switch is rated at 10 amps 120VAC and is 1/3 hp rated at 120 or 240VAC
  • Wide range of cycle times—270 cycle times between 3 sec and 60 hrs.
  • Repeat accuracy and setting accuracy within ±1/4%.
  • Sequence control